Rocky Mountain National Park

As soon as I entered this national park, I was greeted by this large herd of elk.  They didn't seem to mind all the humans looking at them.  I guess they figured that they REALLY have it made here - nobody is allowed to hunt and the valleys and meadows are spectacular.  Life is good if you are an elk living in Rocky Mountain National Park!

 She was trying to tell me something (probably get away from her), but I don't speak elk!

 Beautiful Stellar Jay (common in Utah and Colorado)

 This was a grueling hike I took up to see Alberta Falls.   Okay, the sign may say 0.8 mi, but it seemed like 10 miles - at least.  Well worth the hike, as you will see!

 The hike was beautiful and shady all along the water.

 A rock growing in a tree, or a tree growing in a rock?

This waterfall was really raging.  I would hate to fall in it!

 I was SO hungry after this 50-mile hike.  Someone dropped a Jujyfruit on the ground and I was actually tempted to pick it up and eat it (I didn't).

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